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Meet Dana (Dayna) Lauren Miller

A specialist in behavior science with a master’s in psychology, Ms. Miller serves a diverse and inclusive clientele, including persons diagnosed with Autism. She has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations, having facilitated domestic and international classes, lectures, workshops, and specialized training. Her teaching style is frequently described as welcoming, uplifting, and transformative.


I believe people are ‘missing the mark’ in providing and seeking supportive services. The goal of the professional should not be focused on checking off rote objectives or performing. Instead, the aim should be threefold: Cultivating personal expression; connectivity to oneself, others, and pursuits; and genuine functionality in the world around us.

I have seen children, teenagers, and adults, especially those who are often misunderstood, thrive in certain environmental conditions. I have also observed conditions and processes that do not enhance lives.

Reflecting on a multitude of experiences with hundreds of unique cases, I had a vision of a more embracing and all-encompassing learning and therapeutic experience.

A therapeutic environment is more than a place to provide assessment or facilitate behavioral change. It is a place in which people with unique capacities can express themselves more fully, learn from one another, and through loving encouragement find their expression.


I work with people of all ages including early learners, teenagers, and adults providing practical, wholistic, and meaningful services.


Helping you to experience increased balance, focus, and integration. 


Coaching teens and adults in career paths and creative endeavors.  


Finding practical solutions to challenging behaviors and patterns.


Bridging relationship communication and disconnect.


Building communication skills (aka soft skills) for those who are truly wanting to develop these abilities. 


Supporting client companies in staff training and development initiatives

Staff Training and Development Initiatives

I support for-profit and not-for profit client companies in creative endeavors, expansion,
organizational efforts, and functional analysis.

  • Staff & Community Trainings – Creation and/or implementation of education of both soft skills and technical material.
  • Communications – Coaching others through change in managing, leading, and enabling the process of transition by developing tools, frameworks, and support systems to shepherd teams through growth/scaling.
  • Business Development – Identification of approaches and synergistic connections to increase overall client base for organizations. Connecting policy to practice through understanding of policy, landscape, and culture to drive priorities and decision making.
  • Project Management – Architect project plans, define project phases, and manage budget.
  • Program Design – Programmatic design and development from conception to completion including classes, workshops, and training.
  • Event Coordination – Lead community events by overseeing logistics and contractual matters to managing public relations.
  • Data Analysis – The provision of data analysis, organization, and synthetization of information including creating management and reporting systems. I also provide assessment, analysis, and solutions to employee performance and company wellness.
**Industries I’ve served include health and wellness, education, civic organizations, mental health, arts and entertainment, and boutique agriculture.   

I’ve combined my expertise and passion for teaching into a full-spectrum approach. My purpose is to help you experience a more fulfilling and connected way of living.”

– Dayna

My Approach

My therapeutic approach doesn’t just rely on one technique or discipline, but also on developing an awareness of how we relate to and experience life. I incorporate a practical and wholistic approach that combines decades of diverse studies and experiences. My goal is to address your unique and special needs, giving you the tools required to fulfill your specific aspirations.

Therapeutic experiences should result in connected and peaceful feelings for all involved.

Therefore, rather than simply satisfying expectations, my focus is on helping my clients connect to the world around them. What I teach facilitates communication and balance; thus, improving your ability to give and receive with ease, clarity, and efficiency.

My practical and wholistic approach creates meaningful change, establishing an authentically expressive and fulfilling life based in harmony.

Everyone is unique. No one is ‘different’.

In addition to my 20 years working in the science of behavior, I have more than 20 years of cultivating a deep understanding of the space between words and what one experiences. I work with people, not labels.

It’s okay to be goal-oriented, but that is not where the curative outcome should solely rest. I can sincerely say that well-being is not about a school of discipline, it’s about the ability to connect, expand and evolve.  

I am confident that most feel and know when something is missing, but what they do not know is that they are not crazy in thinking so.  When you strip away established and traditional approaches, you open the door to what can be meaningful and ultimately transformative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are offered nationally and internationally through Zoom. 

Whether you are wanting to connect with me for the first time, or are returning, please feel free to Book Online and schedule an Individual Session.

The answer is – Yes! Simply click Book Consultation here to schedule your 30-minute consultation 

I currently offer behavior coaching and consultative services. My aim is to deliver a quality experience versus a quantity of sessions.

I do not accept insurance currently. My goal is to provide you with valuable services in a way that’s right for you.


It is a great honor and privilege to be able to speak so humbly of Dana Lauren.  Our praise for her knows no boundaries or limitations. Dana has proven herself time and time through to be an extremely knowledgeable source on all things related to child development, as well as an ambassador for the emotional content we as parents need to cope with while raising children with special circumstances. She has been an integral part in the development of our two children. Her insights, observations, methodology, and compassionate approach to child development are, without a doubt, at the very top of her field.  Cutting edge and out of the box.  She is a trusted source for our family to rely on.   Her thought train is beyond that of any normal specialist. For this we are eternally grateful.    We are truly thankful to be working with Dana Lauren.

– David R. 

Dayna woke me up to new possibilities in how my children learn, grow and thrive. Her professionalism and “above and beyond” mentality enabled our family to flourish. Bringing Dayna into our village to help in supporting my children and guiding them to better ways of communicating and being their authentic selves was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a parent. 

– Danielle F.

Our family was given Dana’s information through our pediatrician. It was almost as if she knew what a perfect fit we would be. Our 3-year-old was having a tough time and we as a family were starting to struggle and feel lost as to how to help her. When Dana came to meet our family, our daughter was immediately drawn to her and was so excited she had a special new friend. The tools and resources that Dana helped put in place in our home were beyond helpful and, at that time, imperative. We are so thankful for all of her help and guidance and couldn’t imagine getting through that tough period without her.

– Samantha D

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